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I was born in Rome to a family of italian film producers and distributors. Inspired by the European films of my youth I began my creative journey by wandering the streets of the city of rome with my camera using the scenery around me to develop my artistic instincts.

nicole libassi Soon filmmaking and photography became essential sources for my creative satisfaction. After earning a Master's Degree in film and television in Italy I flew to New York City for further education in cinematography and photography.

As a cinematographer I Shot many short films music videos and fashion films experiencing both film and digital cameras such as Panavision 35mm Red epic and arri alexa. The short film Porcella was selected at Cannes Film Festival In 2013. In 2012 I wrote directed and produced Rebirth which was acclaimed in the New York City film festival circuit.

nicole libassi Today I work as a freelance film director / cinematographer and photographer in New York and I run my own photography studio in Brooklyn. As a visual artist the major concept within my aesthetic is a focus on both the palpable and veiled forms of beauty in the world.

From my point of view art is taking this vision and experimenting with diverse elements to foster a whole new impression and atmosphere. I like to create unexpected combinations of these elements to produce and conceptualize a variety in unity.

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This is the latest film by Italian Film Director Nicole Libassi, whose prior experience in directing, cinematography and photography always impacts the power of her directorial vision. The film has been selected in New york Film Festivals. Nicole Libassi is currently working freelance in New York City as Film Director of Photography.

Rebirth is a thrilling suspense story and a harrowing look at the struggles of a man that finds himself trapped in a room with no idea how he got there and suddenly begins having hallucinations of people from his past, whom accuse him of murdering Grace and ultimately send him on a desperate mission to rescue the little girl trapped in the next room. The film revolves around the paranoia which the main character endures while trapped inside the room. It's a dark journey of a man who confronts hallucinations which represent fear, anxiety, panic, pain, guilt, frustration, abandonment and torment.

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Parallel 41 "Eisbrecher"
Less is Rome Records

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Festival De Cannes Official Selection 2013/Cinematography By Nicole Libassi

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Rebirth/Trailer/Directed by Nicole Libassi

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Narrative Reel 2012

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Commercial & Music Video Reel 2011/2012

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REEL 2011

A mix of short films, commercials and music videos, working with Ex Oriente Production

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41 Varick Ave Studio 311
11237 Brooklyn, NY

phone: 6463778746

nicole libassi


Nicole Libassi is currently working and living in New York City.
She frequently flies back home in Italy, where she works depending on upcoming projects.